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About Us

Happy Jumping NudistsWe are naturists. You might also call us nudists. We enjoy being naked. We practice social nudism.

We’ve come together as Minnesota Naturists to find others who also enjoy being nude and to discover places and events where we can be nude more freely. We do not own a park or resort, but instead find opportunities where we can — in members’ homes, rented facilities or with our friends at clubs in Minnesota and elsewhere. We are always looking for new places we can be nude, new things we can do while nude and new friends who will understand us, support us and join us.

The purpose of Minnesota Naturists is to:

  • Encourage acceptance of the human body and of nudity as its natural state.
  • Expand the opportunities for people in our region to be nude, individually and socially.
  • Increase public acceptance of nudity.
  • To advocate public policy that is more accepting of nudity.

In support of this purpose, Minnesota Naturists:

  • Sponsors clothing optional events.
  • Encourages members and other individuals and organizations to host clothing optional events and helps with planning, organizing and publicity.
  • Works to identify locations in the area suitable for enjoyment in the nude.
  • Works with media, community and art organizations to encourage a more positive community attitude toward nudity.
  • Holds workshops and meetings, sets up booths at events and provides speakers to introduce interested individuals to naturism and to area resources for naturists and nudists.
  • Monitors legislation.

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