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Welcome to Minnesota Naturists!

Web SurfingThanks for visiting the official Minnesota Naturists website! Our web site features the following:

  1. Membership management. By becoming an approved member, you will see content that only members can see, such as event details and the ability to post content
  2. Membership renewal. You will receive an email shortly before your anniversary date which will remind you to continue your membership with Minnesota Naturists, and therefore continue to enjoy the rights and privileges this membership brings. For example, you’ll be able to visit clubs with us, host your own events, and play on our competitive volleyball team.
  3. Calendar of events. Moderators will be able to publicly post new events and create events for your enjoyment. We will also encourage people who attended the events to leave their comments.
  4. Photography. The site will allow tasteful nude photos to be posted. Let us know and a moderator will coordinate with you.
  5. Faster, more reliable access. By moving the website to a globally recognized company, the site is guaranteed to be up for as long as we need it, with little of the maintenance previously required. This will allow our committees to concentrate on important things — like you!
  6. Dynamic content. We’ve added an RSS feed that filters for topics that might be of interest. While the stream comes from a legitimate news source, it can be somewhat random!
  7. Contact Us. Seamless, easy-to-use form that will deliver your question or comment to the right person.

None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of the Board and other volunteers. Thanks to everyone who helped get this up and running.

Visitors, feel free to browse the website and find out about Minnesota Naturists. Members may sign on to see restricted content, such as event details, and to post content.

Interested in joining? Click “Membership” under the “About Us” tab, above, for membership information and to print an application form. You can also get a printable copy of the application form directly from the menu bar “Application Form” above or from the “Minnesota Naturists” links box to the right.  We recommend that you come to an information meeting to learn more about our club (see “Upcoming Events” at the right).

Members may click “Register” (below ‘LOG IN’ at the right) and register using the email address that we have for you. Your registration will be approved within a day or so.

Members and visitors are encouraged to join the Minnesota Naturists Meetup to simplify RSVPing for activities. (Note that most activities are open only to members.)




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